Hello and Welcome to gdpandeconomy.com.

Who am I

My name is MS ANJUM, and I am the founder of gdpandeconomy.com. Basically, I am a Digital Marketer and a blogger. I have a deep passion for the world economy and different countries’ economic situations. 

Our Mission

Todays’s world is all about information. My mission and goal are to provide Economic, trade, business, etc. related information worldwide. The information I provided, is accessible to everyone, Easy to Understandable, Useful information, and value provided information. 

What type of information in this blog

I started this blog in 2021. In this blog, we provide information related to economy and economics, country’s economy, countries GDP, country economic comparison, country military strength, country’s mutual relations, and many more.

All the information I provide is related to economies and all those topics that effects and influence the country. 

Who can gain benefits from this blog

Basically, people worldwide who understand the English language can gain valuable information from this blog. Actually, every person in the world has a need and wants to understand the world economy, countries’ economic systems, countries’ economic strengths, weaknesses, and many more.

In this situation, I realized that I should create a blog where I provide all economic-related information to every person. 

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