Andorra GDP: Top 5 Amazing Facts

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Andorra GDP

Andorra country overview

Before we start to discuss Andorra GDP first we discuss the Andorra country overview, so Andorra is officially called the Principality of Andorra.

Andorra GDP
Andorra GDP

It is a Small state country located in Europe. Its capital and largest city name are Andorra la Vella. Its official language is Catalan and Spanish.

In ethnic groups, 49% of Andorran, 25% Spanish and other ethnic-related groups live Andorra. In the religious divide, the Majority of Christians live in Andorra.

Andorra’s government system is the Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic. Its prime minister’s name is Xavier Espot Zampra. Andorra’s total land area is 467,64 km2. Its land area rank is 178th in the world.

Its total population is 77,550 in the year 2021. Its population rank is 203rd in the world. Its population density is 465/km2. Its population density rank is 71st in the world. 

Andorra Economy

Its currency is called the Euro. Andorra‘s economy is generally called the developed and advanced economy and a high-income economy.

The inflation rate in Andorra is 1.2% in the year 2013. When we talk about its labor force by occupation, agriculture was 0.5%, industry 4.6%, and services 85% in the year 2012. The unemployment rate in Andorra is 3% in the year 2013. 

Andorra GDP

Andorra’s total GDP is $3 billion in the year 2013. Its GDP rank is180th in the world. Its GDP growth rate is -1.5% in the year 2013.

Its GDP per capita is $37,300 in the year 2013. When we talk about its GDP by sector, agriculture 12%, industry 34%, and services 55% in the year 2015. 

Andorra Exports and Imports

Its total Exports are $71 million in the year 2013. Its main export goods are wood products, tobacco, and others. Its total imports are $1.5 billion in the year 2013. Its main import goods are food products, daily consumer goods, and others. 

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