Canada relations with United States and other countries

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Canada Relations with other countries


Canada relations with other countries are basically very good relations. Canada is basically an industrial country and Canada has a deep focus on relations with other countries.

canada relations.
canada relations.

Canada’s basic foreign policy is based on economic and trade relations. Canada has very good economic and trade relations with other countries. For example, Canada has good and deep trading relations with the USA.

The USA has been Canada’s big trading and economic partner for, Last 7 to 8 decades. Canada has deep relations with the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is the big trading and political partner of Canada. In this article, we shortly discuss Canada’s foreign relations with other countries one by one. 

Canada’s relations with the United States

Canada and United States relations are historical and deep-rooted relations. The United States is not historically involved in invading Canada in history.

Canada and United States are both parts of NATO and have deep roots relations in economic trade and political relations. Both Canada and USA are the richest and most developed economies in the world. The United States and Canada share the same culture and traditional values. Canada’s GDP is also advanced in the world. 

The United States and Canada share the longest border in the world. USA and Canada border total length are 8,800 km long. Canada and United States have strong militaries. Both countries have deep military ties and relationships. Both countries together work on environmental and pollution control projects.

The United States and Canada both working on illegal migration and counter-terrorism. Both countries gradually expand and increase their trade and import exports.

The United States and Canada have an agreement on free trade. The free trade agreement is boosting their trade relations and is beneficial for their economies. Canada and United States have excellent relations that way both countries have given easy access to enter their countries.

People of Canada and the USA migrate easily to their countries. Both countries have a good military and intelligence relations. Canada and USA have a strong mechanism for sharing intelligence and sensitive information. Food trade in both countries has very high.

Canada and USA both countries give permission to food inspectors to an inspection of food quality and security. The United States food inspectors have easily visited the Canadian food factories and inspected food quality and security. The United States is the biggest market for Canadian goods and services after world war 2.

In 1970 United States imposed a 10% tariff on Canadian imports. This step hit a deep panic in the Canadian economy. After that United States step, Canada has searched for a third step to boost its economy.

Canada is improving her relations with European Union for their economy-boosting. After some years of struggle, Canada made strong trade and political relations with European Union. European and Canada’s best relations made Canada a strong and developed economy in a few years of struggle.

After the 1990s once again relations between the United States and Canada are on the improvement path. After many years of struggle,

Canada and United States are both agree on a free trade agreement in 1994. This free trade agreement is made once again strong trade and political relations between Canada and United States.

This free trade agreement boosted the Canadian economy and few years Canada and the United States’ mutual trade gain billions of dollars every year. This free trade agreement produce millions of jobs for both Canadian and United States peoples. Illegal migration in Canada and United States are very high between the 1900s to 1980s.

Both Canada and the United States are mutually working stop to illegal migration between Canada and United States. In the 1970s the illegal migration between Canada and the united states is approx. 70,000 people every year. This massive illegal migration the very harmful to both countries’ economy and their national security. In the 1980s United States and Canada deploy thousands of border security guards to stoping of illegal migrants. 

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