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China Economy 2022


We know that china economy is the second-largest economy after the United States economy. Last four decades china grow its economy very fastly.

China economy Stats
China economy Stats

China’s economy basics are a market-oriented economy that focuses on large manufacturing goods and services. China is growing its economy through its five-year plans.

China has consist of companies that are state-owned and many are mixed-ownership models. If we compare the state-owned companies, we see that 0ver 55% of Chinese companies are state-owned and contribute the largest amount of Chinese GDP.

If we compare Chinese manufacturing firms to international companies, we see that 90 above Chinese companies are fall among about 500 world’s largest companies. So in this article, we discuss the Chinese economy shortly. First, we discuss china’s general country stats. 

China country General Statistics overview

We know that china’s official name is called the people’s republic of china. China is located in East Asia. China has many beautiful cities. If we talk about major cities. China’s capital city name is Beijing which is an amazing and beautiful city in China.

Shanghai is the largest city and an industrial city in China. If we talk about its spoken languages, we see that china’s spoken languages names are Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, and many other languages that are widely spoken all around china.

A very little amount of Chinese people are speaking and understand the English language. If we talk about religions in china, we see that China is a non-religion majority country. Its other religions are Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and some other religions. 

Chinese geography stats overview

China has a large land area. China’s land area is approx. 9,596,800 km2. If we see the world ranking of the Chinese land area, we see that China is the 4th largest country in its land area.

China has the world’s biggest population. China’s total population is around 1.4 billion in the year 2021. China’s population in the world ranking is 1st in the world countries. 

China’s climate and environment

China has mostly dry seasons. China’s winter season has very snowy. In the winter season, China’s north religion is covered mostly with snowfall. China has a wide area of deserts.

These deserts are the reason for the harsh summer in the summer season. China has long-range mountains that china separate north to the south religion. China has long rivers that are the major water source of china’s agriculture, energy, and other china’s water needs. 

China’s foreign relations

China has maintained its diplomatic relations with over 170 countries around the world. The united nations recognized china after a few years of china’s independence. China becomes a united nations permanent member of its security council in 1971.

China has deep economic and military relations with Russia and some other countries. China is the world’s largest trader, trading makes china strong relations with other countries. China is trading 45% of its products through maritime and sea routes.

Nowadays European Union is the largest trading partner of China and that trading makes a strong relationship with the European Union.

China Economy Stats 

We know that china’s economy is the fastest-growing economy in the world. The Chinese economy is a developing economy and the Chinese economy is considered an upper-middle-income economy.

As we earlier discuss that china’s economy is growing very fastly the last 3 to 4 decades. This fastest Chinese economic growth is a role model for all the world countries. If we talk about the rises prices in chia, the inflation rate in China is 2.7% in the year 2020.

This Chinese inflation rate is considered a low inflation rate compared to other developed economies. China is improving the living standards and income of its citizens. If we see the stats on poverty in china, we see that china’s poverty percentage for the poverty line is 0.2%.

This means that poverty in china is remaining very less quantity. As we earlier discuss china is very sensitive to its economic growth. If we see the stats of Human development in china, the Chinese Human Developing Index ratio is 0.760 Which means Chinese people are developing very fastly.

China’s production of goods and services sector is growing very fastly. As a result, the unemployment rate in China is decreasing day by day. China’s unemployment rate is 3.5% in the year 2021. China’s unemployment rate is very less compared to other European and developed countries. 

China’s GDP Stats

If we talk about its GDP, we see that china’s GDP is growing very fastly. China’s GDP is approx. $18 trillion according to the year 2022 Which is very surprising stats for the world. China’s GDP rank is 2nd after the United States GDP.

If we talk about Chinese GDP per capita stats, the Chinese GDP per capita rate is $12,800 in the year 2022 Which is considered a high GDP per capita rate in the world. 

China’s Big industries

If we see the big industries of china, we see that china’s big and main industries are Information technology, electronics, chemicals, coal, textile, machines, metals, textile, ships, motor, space, food products, and many other industries. China exports its products all around the world and earned trillions of dollars every year. 

China’s Exports and imports Stats

If we see the stats of China’s import and exports data, we see that china’s exports are $3 trillion in the year 2022. China’s main export goods are machines, electronics, petroleum, and others.

China exports its goods to European Union, the United States, Japan, India, and many other countries. If we see the stats of Chinese imports, we see that Chinese imports are $2.5 trillion in the year 2022.

Chinese main imports products are fuel, food products, machinery, electronics, and many other products china imports. China imports the goods from European Union, Japan, Canada, and many other countries. 

Sources: Worldbank, IMF, Wikipedia, and other sources.

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