Economy News: Pakistan Economic Challenges

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Economy News: Pakistan Economic Challenges

Economy News: Today’s Pakistan has so many economic challenges. One major challenge is uplifting debt. The rising of external debt is the biggest challenge for Pakistan economy.

economy news
Economy News

Unbalance for foreign trade is the next biggest challenge. Security challenge and relation with countries especially with India is a big challenge for Pakistan.

Afghanistan is a rising crisis and challenge for Pakistan economy. The falling of the Pakistani rupee value is a big problem for the Pakistan economy.

The rising prices of electricity, oil and other products is a big problem for Pakistan economy. Now we discuss the top major problems of Pakistan economy one by one. 

Rising prices

Rising the prices of essential commodities is the biggest problem for Pakistan economy as well as Pakistan common citizens.

High debt, unbalanced foreign trade and low economical activities are major causes of rising prices in Pakistan. When prices of essential commodities will rise the common persons will be facing problems.

As a result, the economic standard of citizens will decrease and security problems will be rising. 

Unbalance of foreign trade and debt

Pakistan’s foreign debt is rising day by day. As a result, the prices of oil, electricity, Dollar is rise. The debt to GDP ratio is 87%. It is a very alarming situation for Pakistan economy.

If the foreign debt of Pakistan is not decreasing in the next few years, Pakistan’s economy is facing harsh troubles and the survival of Pakistan economy will be difficult. 

Political Instability

Political instability is a big challenge for Pakistan economy. Due to political instability, foreign investors are hesitant to enter the Pakistan economy.

As a result, economic activities will decrease and joblessness will increase. This situation is not suitable for Pakistan economy as well as Pakistan security.

Foreign relation

The foreign relationship is directly connected with the economy. Pakistan relation With the US is not good. The relation with India is not good.

As a bad foreign relation, the foreign trade will be decrease and the problems of Pakistan economy will be rising.

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