Indonesia GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

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Indonesia country overview

Before we start Indonesia GDP, Firstly we discuss the Indonesian country overview, so Indonesia is officially called the Republic of Indonesia. It is located in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is consist of seventeen thousand islands.

Indonesia GDP
Indonesia GDP

It is the world largest islands country. Indonesia’s capital and largest city name is Jakarta. Its official and national language is Indonesian. It also has more than 700 regional languages. When we talk about its ethnic groups, it has huge ethnic groups.

It has more than 1,200 ethnics groups. When we talk about its religion, so Islam is 87%, Christianity is 11%, Hinduism is 1.7% and other religions exist in Indonesia.

When we talk about its government system, so its government system is the unitary presidential constitutional republic. Its president name is Joko Widodo. Indonesia’s vice president name is Maruf Amin. its house speaker name is Puan Maharani. Indonesian Chief justice name is Muhammad Syarifuddin.

When we talk about its legislature, so its Legislature name is People’s consultative Assembly. It has two houses called Upper house and Lower house. Its Upper house is called Regional Representative Council and its Lower house is called the People’s Representative Council.

The total area of Indonesia is approx. 1,904,570 km2. Its area rank is 14th in the world. When we talk about its population, so its total population is 270,204,900 in the year 2020. Its population rank is 4th in the world. Indonesia’s population density is 142 / km2. Its population density rank is 88th in the world.

Indonesia Economy overview

Indonesia’s currency is called Rupiah. Its fiscal year starts 1 Jan and ends 31 Dec. Indonesia is generally called a Developing or Emerging country and also a lower-middle-income economy country.

In Indonesia, the inflation rate is 2% in the year 2021. When we talk about poverty in Indonesia, so 2.4% of Indonesian people live below the poverty line according to the year 2021.

When we talk about its Human development, So in Indonesia, Human Development Index is 0.718 in the year 2019. This HDI is considered high in the world.  Its HDI rank is 107th in the world. Its labour fore are 134,616,800 in the year 2020.

When we talk about its labour force by occupation, so Agriculture: 28%, industry: 23% and services are 50% in the year 2020. In Indonesia, the unemployment rate is 6.4% in the year 2021. Its gross external debt is $344 billion in the year 2017. Indonesia has $129 billion foreign reserves in the year 2019.

Indonesia GDP

Indonesia’s total GDP is $1.1 trillion (nominal) and $3.5 trillion (PPP) in the year 2021. Its GDP rank is 16th (nominal) and 7th (PPP) in the year 2021. Indonesia’s GDP growth rate is 4.3% in the year 2021.

Its GDP per capita is $4,260 (nominal) and $12,880 (PPP) in the year 2021. Indonesia’s GDP per capita rank is 104th (nominal) and 96th (PPP) in the year 2021. When we talk about its GDP by sector, so Agriculture: 14%, industry: 42% and Services are 45% in the year 2017.


Indonesia’s total exports are $186 billion in the year 2019. Its main export goods are  Palm oil, steel, textile, chemicals, plastics etc. its main export partners are China, United States, Japan, India, South Korea etc.


Its total imports are $164 billion in the year 2019. Its main import goods are machinery, petroleum, chemicals, food products etc. its main import partners are China, Singapore, Japan, United States, India and more.

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