Iran GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

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Iran GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Iran’s Country Overview

Iran is officially called the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is located in Western Asia. Its Capital and Largest city name are Tehran. Its official language is called Persian. The total area of Iran is 1,648,200 km2. 

Iran GDP
Iran GDP

Its total population is around 83,183,700 approx. Iran’s Population density is 48/km2. Iran is considered the oldest civilization in the world. Iran is also rich in culture and natural resources. Iran has the world’s biggest oil assets. 

Iran’s Economy

Iran’s currency is called the Iranian rial. Its fiscal year is from March 21 to March 22. Iran is also called a Developing or Emerging country. When we talk about its Inflation rate, so Iran’s Inflation rate is 35% in the year 2020.

In Iran, a total of 55% population live below the poverty line. This population is approx. 3.5 million. When we talk about human development in Iran, so we see that Iran’s Human Development Index is 0.783 in the year 2019. This HDI index rate stands 70th in the world.

This HDI rate is considered high in the world. The total labor force in Iran is approx. 27,358,900 in the year 2019. The unemployment rate in Iran is 16% in the year 2020. Iran’s total Gross external debt is $8 billion in the year 2017. 

Iran GDP

Iran’s total GDP is $682 billion (nominal) and $1 trillion (PPP) in the year 2021. I think this GDP is surprised everyone because Iran is facing long Sanctions Imposed by the USA and its allies. Despite sanctions, this big GDP is surprised, everyone. Anyway, Its GDP rank is 21st (nominal) and 23rd (PPP) in the year 2021.

Its GDP growth rate is 3% in the year 2021. Iran’s GDP per capita is $8,100 (nominal) and $13,500 (PPP) in the year 2021. Iran’s GDP per capita rank is 77th (nominal) and 92nd (PPP) in the year 2021.

When we talk about its GDP by sector, so Agriculture: 7%, industry: 35% and Servies are 55%. When we talk about its GDP by components, so Household is 50%, Government consumption 15%, Investment in inventories 14%Exports of goods and services are 25%.


Total exports of Iran are $107 billion in the year 2018. Its main export goods are petroleum, chemical, and its products, fruits, etc. Iran’s main export partners are China, India, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, and others.


Its total imports are $55 billion in the year 2018. Its main import goods are Raw materials, food products, consumer goods, and others. Iran’s main import partners are China, UAE, India, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, and others.

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