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Japan major industries _

Japan Industries 2022


As we know that Japan industries are a giant. Japan is the most technologically and economically advanced country. If we see every individual Japanese industry live production, trade, robotics, education, or any other industry, we easily explore that all Japanese industries are very big and technologically advanced.

Japanese major industries
Japanese major industries

After WWII Japan has a rapid economic recovery and Japan shocked the world with its rapid economic advancement.

If we compare the Japanese economy with other developed countries like Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, or any other country, the industrial advancement of Japan has no real competitor.

Japanese industrial products are liked every country and Japan export her products almost every country of the world. In this article, we explore and see some major industries of Japan and discuss its industrial advancement.

Production industry of Japan

As we above discuss that Japan is a manufacturing hub for the world. Japan produced remarkable and world-class products and sell their products to almost whole world countries.

Japan earn trillions of dollars from exports of their products. If we see the production stats of japan. we see that GDP is formally a sum of the total production of products and services of a country in a year.

So we easily see that if we talk about the Japanese production of goods and services, we replace it with  GDP. So Japanese GDP in the year 2018 is approx. $5,000 billion.

If we compare these stats to the year 2015. We see that the GDP of Japan is $4,980 billion. This shows that the GDP is massively increased between the years 2015 to the year 2018. 

Fishing industry of Japan

We know that the fishing industry of Japan is a very big industry in Japan. If we deeply see the stats of Japan’s fishing industry we see that Japan’s production value for the fishing industry is approx. 1.4 trillion yen in the year 2019.

These stats are increased in the year 2021 that are 1.5 trillion yen. Naruha is the biggest fishing company in Japan. The second-largest fishing company is Nippon and her total assets are 470 billion yen in the year 2021.

In the year 2019, approx. 70,000 Japanese people are associated with the fishing industry. An NGO conduct a survey in Japan and stats are come out that every Japanese person eats fish or sea products, 2 to 3 times a week. 

International trade of Japan

If we see the stats of the international trade of Japan, we see that Japan’s total value of international trade is approx. 135 trillion Japanese yen.

If we see the export market of Japanese products, the United States is a top export market for Japan. Japan’s total export value for the United States is 15 trillion JPY.

The second big market is China worth around 14 trillion JPY. The third biggest export market for Japan is South Korea. South Korea’s export value for Japan is approx. 5 trillion JPY. 

If we see the biggest import market for Japanese products, we see that China is a top import market of Japan. China’s market is worth 18 trillion Japanese Yen for Japanese imports.

The second big import market in the United States which has worth 8 trillion JPY. The third big import market for Japan is Australia. Australia’s market has worth 3 trillion JPY for Japan’s imports. 

The retail market of Japan

If we see the stats of the Japanese Retail market, we see that in 2020 Japan’s retail market is 145 trillion yen worth according to sales. According to the 2020 stats, over 55 thousand retail stores are run in the country.

The retail industry gives over 0.1 million Jobs to Japanese People. According to the year 2020, the biggest retail chain in Japan is Aeon Retail which has a total worth is 2 trillion yen.

The second biggest retail stores company is Takashimaya which has worth 700 billion Japanese Yen. E-commerce is another emerging business in Japan. According to the 2020 stats, the Japanese e-commerce industry is worth has 2 trillion Japanese Yen. 

The agricultural sector of Japan

If we see the stats of some Japanese agriculture industry, we see that Japanese farming sector output worth 8 trillion Japanese yen.

Japanese forestry output is 500 billion Japanese yen. In Japan, the crop production value is 6 trillion Japanese Yen. Japanese vegetable production value is 2 trillion Japanese Yen.

Rice and fruit production value are worth 2 trillion JPY. If we see the stats for livestock production in Japan, we see that Japan’s livestock production is 3 trillion Japanese Yen.

The chicken production value in Japan is 80 billion JPY. In Japan, the Beef production value is 700 billion Japanese Yen and it is considered major Japan industries.

If we see the stats of Japan’s forestry industry, we see that Japan’s approx. forest area is 25 million miles. Japan’s wood demand is 70mm. 

Robotics industry of Japan

Japan’s robotics industry is rapidly developed at the beginning of the 80s. After the advancement of the robotics industry in Japan, the use of robotics is rise.

The robotics industry is revolutionized the car manufacturing industry, heavy mechanical industries space exploration, and many other industries.

If we see the stats of the robotics industry deeply, we easily see that the production value of robotics is 70 trillion Japanese Yen. over 4 million robots units are produced every year in Japan. The total electronics production value is 500 billion Japanese Yen every year.  

References: Worldbank, IMF, Wikipedia, and others.

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