Japanese GDP

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Japanese GDP

Japan’s Overview:

In this article, we will discuss the Japanese GDP. Japan’s capital name is Tokyo. Its national language is Japanese. Japan’s total area is 377,970 km2. Its total population is 125,370,000, in the year 2021. Its population density is 334/km2. Japan is the 11th most populous country in the world and has the densest population by urban.

japanese gdp
Japanese GDP

Japan is greater power in world politics and a member of numerous international organizations. This is a member of the united nations and several other international organizations. He has a strong self-defense military and is considered top rank in the world.

After world war 2, japan’s economy is rapidly growing and has become the 2nd largest economy in the world.

As of 2021, Japan’s economy is the third-largest economy after the USA and China. Japan is growing very fast in the field of science and technology and industrial production. Japan’s made products are very popular in the world by their quality .japan is a world leader in the field of automotive and electronics products.

Japan has a very high human development index rank. Japan’s culture is very famous all around the world.

Japanese GDP:

Japan has the third-largest economy in the world. Its currency name is the Japanese yen. Japan’s total GDP is $5.40 trillion (nominal) and $5.60 trillion (PPP), by the year 2021. Its GDP rank is 3rd (nominal) and 4th (PPP), in the year 2021. Its GDP growth rate is 2.3%, in the year 2021.

Japan’s GDP per capita is $42,900 (nominal) and $44,580 (PPP), in the year 2021. Its GDP per capita rank is 23rd (nominal) and 27th (PPP) in the year 2021. When we talk about its GDP by sector, Agriculture is 1.2%, Industry 30%, services 70%, and others.

Other Economic factors:

The inflation rate in Japan is -0.1%, by the year 2020. In Japan, the population below the poverty line rate is 0.6%, in the year 2013. Human Development Index rate in japan is 0.919 which is considered very high in the world. Around 68 million labor force contribute to japan’s economy. The unemployment rate in Japan is 3%, in the year 2020.

Imports and Exports:

Japan’s total Exports are $650 billion, in the year 2020. Its main exports goods are machinery, chemicals, electrical and electronics goods, minerals and others. Japan’s main export partners are China, the USA, the European Union, South Korea, Australia, and others.

Japan’s total imports are $630 billion, in the year 2020.  Japan’s main import goods are Electrical and Electronics products, Machinery, Raw materials, Engineering products, Chemicals, and others. Its main import partners are China, European Union, the US, Saudi Arabia, and others.

Now we discuss japan’s main industries:

Agriculture and fishery:

Japan’s agriculture share in its total GDP is 1.3%, in the year 2018. Japan’s rank in fish hunting is 7th. Japanese peoples love seafood that’s a reason the demand of seafood products are very high in the world. Japan is exporting seafood and earns billions of dollars in exporting seafood and the fishing industry.


Japan is a leader in the world in the production of automotive and electronics products. Japan’s electronics products have no match in the world. Japanese electronics products have very high quality that’s the reason Japanese electronics products have very high demand in the world and are sold all around the world.

The japans shipbuilding industry is very high status in the world. But the shipbuilding industry faces very high competition from china.


Japan’s services sector holds a 70% share of its total economy. Also, japan’s services sector quality is very high in the world because Japanese labor is very skilled labor and maintains very high quality.


Japan’s tourism industry is very big in the world. As a statistics, around 30 million people all around the world visit Japan every year. That’s the result, japan earns billions of dollars every year from its tourism industry.

Science and Technology:

Japan is a king nation by science and technology and scientific research. Japan’s engineering and technology innovations are very famous in the world. Japan has spent a very high budget in the field of science and technology research. He won 22 Nobel prizes in the field of physics, chemistry, engineering, and others. Japan is a world leader in the production of high-quality robots.


Japan has a very high-quality infrastructure. Japan has 1,300,000 km roads. Japan’s road quality is very high in the world. Japanese bullet trains are very modern in the world. Japan’s railway and bullet train network cover all country areas. Japan has 170 Airports.

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