Malta GDP: Top 5 Amazing Facts

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Malta GDP

Malta country overview

Before we start to discuss Malta GDP first we discuss Malta’s country overview, so Malta country is officially called the Republic of Malta. Malta is basically an island country located in Southern Europe.

Malta GDP
Malta GDP

Valletta is the capital and largest city of Malta. Its official language is Maltese and English. Its other widely spoken language is Italian. In ethnic groups, 80% Maltese and 20% non-Maltese live Malta.

In the religious divide, 90% Christians and 10% non-Christians live in Malta. Malta’s government system is the Unitary parliamentary republic.

Its president’s name is George Vella. Its prime minister’s name is Robert Abela. Malta’s total land area is 316 km2. Its land area rank is 185th in the world.

Its total population is 514,500 in the year 2019. Its population rank is 173rd in the world. Its population density is 1,630/km2. Its population density rank is 4th in the world. 

Malta Economy

Malta’s currency is called the Euro. Malta’s economy is generally called the developed and advanced economy and a high-income economy.

The inflation rate in Malta is 0.8% in the year 2020. 15% of its population lives below the poverty line. Its HDI rate is 0.885 in the year 2020. Its HDI rank is 28th in the world.

The unemployment rate in Malta is 4.1% in the year 2021. Its gross external debt is $5 billion in the year 2014. Malta’s total foreign reserves are $370 million in the year 2014. 

Malta GDP

Its total GDP is $15 billion (nominal) and $24 billion (PPP) in the year 2020. Its GDP rank is 121st (nominal) and 141st (PPP) in the year 2020.

Malta’s GDP growth rate is 4.8% in the year 2021. Its GDP per capita is $30,300 (nominal) and $46,900 (PPP) in the year 2020. Its GDP per capita rank is 28th (nominal) and 24th (PPP) in the year 2020.

When we talk about Malta’s GDP by sector, so agriculture was 1.5%, industry 11.5%, and services are 87% in the year 2016. 

Malta Exports

Malta’s total exports are $5 billion in the year 2015. Its main export goods are machinery, fuels, oils, food products, and others. Its main export partners are Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, China, and others. 

Malta Imports

Its total imports are $8 billion in the year 2015. Its main import goods are fuels, plastics, oils, and others. Its main import partners are Russia, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and others.

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