Nepal GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

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Nepal country overview

Before we start to discuss Nepal GDP, First we discuss the Nepal country overview. Nepal is officially called the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. It is a landlocked country with no seaport. It is located in South Asia.

Nepal GDP
Nepal GDP

Its capital and largest city name is Kathmandu. Its official language is Nepali. When we talk about its ethnic groups, so 16% Chhetri, 12% Brahman-Hill and others. In religions, 81% Hindus, 9% Buddhism, 4.5% Islam, and others.

Its government system is the Federal parliamentary republic. Its president name is Bidya Devi Bhandari. Its prime minister name is Sher Bahadur Deuba. Nepal’s total area has 147,517 km2. Its total land area rank is 93rd in the world.

Its total population is 28,095,700 in the year 2018. Its population rank is 49th in the world. Nepal’s population density is 180 / km2. Its population density rank is 50th in the world. 

Nepal’s Economy

Its currency name is the Nepalese rupee. Nepal is generally called the Developing or the Emerging country and also the Lower-middle income economy.

The inflation rate in Nepal is 6% in the year 2020. 18% of the Nepali population live below the poverty line in the year 2020. Nepal’s HDI rate is 0.602 in the year 2019. Its HDI rank is 142nd in the world.

Nepal’s total labor force is 16,016,900 in the year 2020. When we talk about its labor force by occupation, so agriculture: is 43%, industry: is 21%, and services are 35% in the year 2020.

The unemployment rate in Nepal is 1.4% in the year 2020. Its gross external debt is $11 billion in the year 2020. Its total foreign reserves are $10 billion in the year 2020.

Nepal GDP

Nepal’s total GDP is $36 billion (nominal) and $122 billion (PPP) in the year 2021. Its GDP growth rate is 2.7% in the year 2021.

Its GDP per capita is $1,230 (nominal) and $4,190 (PPP) in the year 2021. When we talk about its GDP by sector, so Agriculture: 26%, industry: 23%, and services are 51% in the year 2017. 


Nepal’s total exports are $918 million in the year 2020. Its main export goods are textiles, pulses, carpets, etc. Its main export partners are India, the United States, and others. 


Its total imports are $10 billion in the year 2020. Its main import goods are petroleum, gold, electrical goods, machinery, etc. Its main import partners are China and India.

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