Russian GDP

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Russian GDP:


Now we will discuss the Russian GDP. Its official name is called Russian Federation. It is the largest country in the world by area. Its capital and largest city name are Moscow. Its official and national language is Russian.

When we see its ethnic groups, we discover, 80.9% Russian, 3.9% Tatar, 1.4% Ukrainian, 1.1% Bashkir, and 10.7 others, by the year 2010. By religion, 73% Christianity, 15% no religion, and 10% Islam and other religion live in Russia.

As we talk above, Russia is the largest country in the world and its total area is 17,098,247 sq. km. by the year 2021, its total population is 146,171,015 and its population density is 8.4/km2.

Russian Port
Russian Port

Russian military power

The armed forces of Russia are called the Russian Armed Forces. It is founded in 1721 as an imperial Russian Army, in 1918 as a Red Army, in 1946, as a Soviet Armed Forces, and its current form is created in 1992. Russian Army services branches are Russian Ground Forces, Russian Aerospace Force, Russian Air Force, Russian Navy, Russian Airborne Forces, Russian Missile Forces, and Russian Special Operations forces.

The headquarter of the Russian army is located in Moscow. When we talk about its army’s supreme leadership, President Vladimir Putin is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian army. The second leader is the Minister of defense and the third is the Chief of the General Staff.

However Russian total active personnel are 1,155,000 approx. and its world ranking in Active personnel is 4th.

The Russian military budget is US$61.7 by the year 2020 and the Percentage of GDP is 4.3%.

Russian Economy

The Russian economy is upper-middle income mixed. Russia is rich in natural resources. It is rich in oil and natural gas. Russia is considered no.1 in energy. Russia has the highest capability in manufacturing military equipment including 5th generation fighter jets, missiles nuclear submarines, and many more.

Russian currency is called the Russian ruble (RUB).

Russian GDP

The total GDP of Russia is, $1.7 trillion (nominal) in the year 2021 and $4.3 trillion (PPP). Its GDP rank is 11th (nominal) in the year 2021 and 6th (PPP). His GDP growth is 4.1% in the year 2021. Its GDP per capita is $11,600 (nominal) in year 2021 and $29,490 (PPP).

Russian GDP per capita rank is 59th (nominal) in the year 2021 and 50th (PPP). As we talk about GDP by sector. Agriculture is 4.7%, industry 32.4%, and services are 62.3%, by the year 2017.


The inflation rate in Russia is 3.2%. The rate of the population below the poverty line is 12.9%. Russian HDI is 0.824 (2019), which is considered the highest rate. Russian total labor force is 73,023,440 by the year 2019.

As we talk about the Russian Labour force by occupation, agriculture is 9.4%, industry 27.5%, and services are 63% by the year 2016. The unemployment rate in Russia is 5.7% by the year 2020. The average gross salary in Russia is $600 monthly (2019). Russian main industry is petroleum.

Imports and Exports

In conclusion Russian total exports are around $350 billion by the year 2017. Its main exports goods are petroleum and its products, natural gas, wood, chemicals, military equipment, and others. His main export partners are the European Union, China, Belarus, turkey, India, and others.

Russian total imports are $240 billion by the year 2017. Its main import goods are steel, iron, meat, fruits, plastics, pharmaceutical products, machinery, and others. Its main import partners are the European Union, China, the US, Japan, and others.

Russia’s Gross external debt is $539.6 billion est. by the year 2017.

Sources: Worldbank, Wikipedia, and others.

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