Switzerland GDP: Top 5 Amazing Facts

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Switzerland GDP

Switzerland country overview

Before we start to discuss Switzerland GDP first we discuss Switzerland’s country overview, so Switzerland is officially called the Swiss Confederation.

Switzerland GDP
Switzerland GDP

It is a land-locked country located in Southern Europe. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Its official language is German. In ethnic groups, 74% Swiss and 26% other ethnic related peoples live in Switzerland.

When we talk about the religious divide, 65% of Christianity and 35% of other religions exist in Switzerland. Switzerland’s government system is the Federal semi-democracy.

Its total land area is 41,284 km2. Its land area rank is 132nd in the world.  Switzerland’s total population is 8,570,200 in the year 2020.

Its population rank is 99th in the world. Its population density is 206/km2. Its population density rank is 48th in the world. 

Switzerland Economy

Its currency is called the Swiss franc. Switzerland’s economy is generally a developed and advanced economy and a high-income economy.

The inflation rate in Switzerland is -0.4% in the year 2020. 6.7% of its population lives below the poverty line. Its HDI rate is 0.955 in the year 2019.

Its HDI rate is considered the highest in the world. Its HDI rank is 2nd in the world. When we talk about Its Labour force by occupation, so agriculture by 3.3%, industry by 20%, and services are 77% in the year 2016.

The unemployment rate in Switzerland is 4.8% in the year 2020. Its gross external debt is $1.6 trillion in the year 2016. Its total foreign reserves are $1 trillion in the year 2020. 

Switzerland GDP

Switzerland’s total GDP is $823 billion (nominal) and $660 billion (PPP) in the year 2021. Its GDP rank is 18th (nominal)  and 35th (PPP) in the year 2021.

Its GDP growth rate is 3.7% in the year 2021. Its GDP per capita is $94,690 (nominal) and $75,800 (PPP) in the year 2021. Its GDP per capita rank is 2nd (nominal) and 5th (PPP) in the year 2021.

When we talk about its GDP by sector, so agriculture by 0.8%, industry by 25%, and services are 74% in the year 2017. 

Switzerland Exports

Its total exports are $312 billion in the year 2017. Switzerland’s main export goods are machinery, metals, food products, and others. Its main export partners are Germany, the United States, China, India, Hong Kong, Italy, and others. 

Switzerland Imports

Switzerland’s total imports are $264 billion in the year 2017. Its main import goods are machinery, chemicals, textile, and others. Its main import partners are Germany, the United States, China, and others. 

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